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Osuitok Ipeelee- 1923 - 2005

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Coveted Piece by Internationally Celebrated Cape Dorset Artist --19" High x 21" x 3" Quartzite Circa 1975

Left image above- Front - Owl Spirit - Right Image - Back - Caribou

I met with Osuitok Ipeelee in 1990 at his home and at the lodge in Cape Dorst where I showed him the picture of this piece published in"The Lords of the Stone" and asked him if he would tell me where he ranked it among his works, in his own mind. He named this piece as one of his favorites among the top ten. The piece had been damaged and professionally restored by Dorset Fine Arts in Toronto. The restoration is virtually undetectable.

"It took many months for the stone to tell me what to make. It was hard," he said.

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Oshuitok Ipeelee.
This Masterpiece is Published in "The Lords of the Stone"
Alistair Macduff and George M. Galpin
Page 48
$45,000 US
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